three services

fueled by insight.

1. We gather insights.

2. Generate custom targeting audiences.

3. Load custom audiences into our call-to-action services.

4. Reach, tap, and message customers using an automated, timed strategy.

5. We deliver a nightly metric status, and 9 page end-of-month report.

(1) insight

Social intelligence is an emerging capability that should be based on actuality. True, historic, human record of digital communication and geo-located engagement, updated instantly as each significant moment is self-generated by our diverse world. Our insights are generated from multiple public sources, simply name the properties and/or brands you’d like to understand and we will connect you with the three richest social banks available.

Human targeting

On average we generate between 55 and 260 points of information per person from categories such as: gender, religion, political view, number of friends, engaged media, and check-ins.


Customer targeting rooted in location, social activity, and unbelievably specific audiences- alive with detail. Go beyond standard fan targeting. After all, anyone can "like" a page. 11Insight targets in three unique ways:


People who were physically there.


Customers who engaged competitor's media.


Location demographics so narrow it doesn't appear on your standard ad platform.


We strongly suggest utilizing a combination of our target driven services. Social Ads work alongside Social Messages and Social Taps creating a 'Simple Customer Strategy.'


  • Target fans who engage competitor's content or fans that check-in worldwide
  • Increase viral potential by applying filters such as ‘must have 1,000 or more friends’
  • Grow local efforts by reaching small communities, niche organizations, regional characteristics, and local happenings not listed on the standard ad platform.


  • Online profile interaction
  • Every time a guest checks-in at your property or #hashtags your brand, a 'tap' from your profile will be placed on their photo or video- sparking a notification and building a bridge between you and your ideal audience.
  • The followers and / or likes you will receive are genuine; from real people who are interested in your photos and profile.


  • Online messenger
  • Personally contact niche audiences and influencers with a direct message
  • Increase open rates and response rates by inserting customer info into each sent message
  • The result is radically powerful, yet the receiving customers feel as if it were crafted by hand.


  • By creating targeting sets which help businesses predict patterns of consumer behavior, we enable organizations to understand their potential customers more effectively and optimize media buying across other marketing mediums.

9 page custom strategy for your brand.

Learn more about how Social Ads work alongside Social Messages and Social Taps- creating a 'Simple Strategy.'

We would love to craft a custom presentation showcasing how our services will increase your brand awareness.


To drive year-over-year increases in brick-and-mortar locations, franchise and retail chain brands face a challenging dilemma: How does one build a robust brand on a national scale when the bottom line is always drawn at the local level? 11Insight provides a fine-tuned balance of local engagement and national brand advocacy as a formula for consistent growth.

  • Expand brick-and-mortar reach while minding your brand standard.
  • Drive local traffic by running an independent Ad in each region, city, town, or block where your brand is physically located.

  • Target niche communities and organizations, regional character, and local happenings not listed on the standard ad platform.

  • Your brand needs only to provide a single ad copy and we will advertise it through hundreds of brick-and-mortar location pages and profiles.

national-to-local approach increasing foot traffic.